Find out who's guarding the galaxy

Find out who's guarding the galaxy

Don't miss the virtual red carpet

Skype and Marvel will recognize some real-life guardians of New York City - the Police Athletics League NYC - by throwing a premiere party on a cosmic scale. We're inviting the city to this virtual red carpet night. Join in the fun, win tickets to a private screening on the night, and see our virtual guests: the cast, live from LA.

Your passport to the stars


Monday, July 21, 2014, from 7 pm (EST) onwards.


Flatiron Plaza South
Between 22nd/23rd Streets and Broadway
New York, NY 10010

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You are! You can come as you are, don your best 70s chic, or bring your Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay...come and play!

Be a winner on the big night

If you join our virtual red carpet night, you could win seats for that night's private movie screening! Choose your contest: a dance-off to Peter Quill's 70s mixtape; sharing your best cosplay pictures; or the chance to ask the cast a question during our live simulcast. Only guests can win a place at the screening – so if you're not an NYC dweller, tell those who are.


Equipped with high-tech weaponry, a dependable starship and a mix-tape of music from home, the headstrong Peter Quill must rally an unlikely team of misfits - the Guardians of the Galaxy - for an all-or-nothing attempt to protect the cosmos.

For years Gamora has used her formidable fighting skills and master swordsmanship, earning her the reputation of the “most dangerous woman in the universe."

The heavily-tattooed Drax has long relied on his proficiency in battle and his razor-sharp blades to do his talking for him.

Despite his diminutive stature and raccoon-like appearance, the scrappy mercenary known as Rocket possesses a remarkable mastery of munitions and battle tactics.

The taciturn Groot makes up for his limited vocabulary with his ability to grow and manipulate his giant bark-covered form as needed.

Question the cast

To mark the movie release, Skype and Marvel are giving one lucky fan a spot on a group video call with the cast. We're rummaging through your video entries to find the best – bear with us!

Calling all Cosplayers

Calling all cosplayers

All cosplayers in with a chance to win should have an instant message from us, inviting them to round two: record a video message, in character. We'll play the top ten for our Marvel panel – and their favorite five will win a live video masterclass, tickets to the premiere and bags of movie loot!

Grab exclusive movie loot

We've got exclusive Marvel movie artwork here for you to haul away... For individual pics of Drax, Peter Quill, Gamora, Groot or Rocket, just click 'em in the face.

Grab a great Guardians hauls

There's exclusive Marvel movie artwork available if you use Skype for mobile. You could be getting closer to Drax, Peter Quill, Gamora, Groot, or even Rocket...

It's like some kind of hand-held communication device...

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